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Mechanical Topping and Hedging Services

Services provided by West Hills include topping, hedging and skirting. West Hills uses state of the art mechanical pruning equipment manufactured by TOL Inc. The equipment has dual arms and blades to allow for improved uniformity of cuts on each row in your orchard. Quality pruning starts with selecting the correct cut.

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How We Handle Topping & Hedging

Each machine is operated by West Hills employees with multiple years of experience in mechanical pruning and hand pruning. Understanding the structure of your tree starts with years of experience hand pruning and developing orchards. Only the best and brightest tree pruning specialists are selected to operate the West Hills equipment.


Quality Service & Equipment

A key sign of the quality of service provide by West Hills are clean cuts throughout your orchard. This requires a combination of high quality equipment, the speed of which the operator is driving, the speed of the arms and blades, and the sharpness of the blades. The sharpness of the blades are checked daily and quality of cuts are monitored throughout the day.

Direct Line of Communication

In addition to quality equipment and operators, West Hills clients are always in direct communication with our operations manager, Jose Aviles. The operations manager serves as the bridge between the operator and the client to ensure that expectations are met.


A Tradition of Experience

West Hills believes in the importance of communication with its clients. Through proper communication, equipment, and operators, West Hills has provided quality services across thousands of acres over the last 12 years.

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