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The Right Tech for your Farm

West Hills believes in efficiency and seamless communication. We understand that a strong and stable foundation of technology can further your ag business.

We're not just another ag-tech startup selling flashy software that makes empty promises. Led by a Central Valley farmer, our talented team is determined to help farmers and their support organizations adopt technology in a way that does not require a complete overhaul and that delivers real value to your organization.


Montage for Ag’s map-based navigation makes it easy to access information by clicking on a field, a well, a sensor or other device.

  • Mapbox satellite imagery.
  • Address and parcel-based search.
  • Field drawing tool.
  • APN boundaries from the Assessor’s Office (most counties).
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil data.


Stop logging in and out of multiple systems. You can view all your data in one location with Montage for Ag.

  • Soil sensors, flow meters, and other field systems generating data.
  • Solar production and utility use.
  • CIMIS weather data. Dropbox file sync.

You’ve already bought the systems and sensors, now use them to make better decisions.

Secure File Sharing

Stop reactively emailing files and instead provide key partners secure access to only certain information via Montage for Ag.

  • Share information with your banker, insurance agent or absentee partner easily and securely.
  • They see only what you want them to see.

File Management

No more calling the office to retrieve information from hard copy files. Once loaded, your digital files are accessible on any device.

  • Easily create folders specific to your current operations.
  • Simply drag files from your email, scanner, or hard drive and drop them into Montage for Ag.
  • Easily find files using a keyword search.
  • Access files specific to a field with a click on the map.

Field Set Up

Complex user interfaces and dashboards can be intimidating. Montage for Ag keeps it simple.

  • Setting up your acreage is as simple as clicking on your parcel on the map or drawing your field boundaries.
  • Entering pertinent information such as crop type and spacing is easy.


Remember what happened in that section of the field last year? Will you next year? Will your next generation know what to do?

  • Easily transfer your knowledge by adding notes about a field or a device such as a well by simply clicking on the map.
  • Leverage voice recognition when in the field.
  • Retrieve and review historical notes as needed.


We take pride in keeping your data safe. By employing industry best practices for all standard web applications, we’ve built in the security you need for your crucial information.

  • Montage for Ag leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS), the secure cloud platform and the market leader for hosting all client data.
  • Your data is YOUR data - you retain the rights, title and interest to your data.

Work Orders

Eliminate the scratchpads, multiple transcriptions, and time spent by office staff trying to figure out what work was actually done.

  • Enable your team to record the work completed with a simple interface.
  • Record where, what, who, and how long it took to perform a job.
  • Ensure jobs are billed accurately.

We believe every client has specific needs for the project at hand. Your website should not only work seamlessly and beautifully on any device, it should be easy to manage, designed to convert, and built and tailored to grow with your business.


WordPress is the single most popular CMS (content management system) on the web, powering upwards of 30% of websites today. Our team is skilled in custom WordPress development workflows to best suit your needs.

Content Migrations

Have an old site that needs some updating? Our team is skilled in updating and migrating your content. Feel free to reach out for an estimate.

UX Design Strategy

UX (User Experience) is of utmost importance in today’s competitive landscape. Our team of experienced designers work with your team to craft the correct design to best suit your target market.

Web Design

We employ skilled professionals that understand more than just the basic design principles and color theory. We want to get to know you and your brand as we embark on a journey together.


A website doesn’t end when the build is complete. Your organization is going to need ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your site stays relevant and secure. We offer a number of hosting to suit your needs.