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Our Trusted Equipment Partners

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We offer a variety of equipment services that are operated by our seasoned team members with many years of experience.


  • We vet our equipment manufacturers to ensure they are highly qualified and aim to work with only the best in the business.

  • Our team + our equipment are reliable.

  • West Hills team members receive monthly training provided by our safety and compliance consultant, Patty Cardoso, with Universal Ag Compliance.

  • We have a Pest Control Business license issued through the County Ag Commissioner’s office. This gives us the ability to provide spraying services in Fresno County and Madera County.

  • We use a variance speed flow device (Micro Trak) that makes the minor adjustments needed on a continuous basis to ensure team members are applying the exact rate per acre as instructed by the Pest Control Advisor (PCA).

  • We spend money on important and necessary parts to provide the highest quality service (i.e. changing out the blades on our topper/hedger on a regular basis to make sure we are making clean cuts).

  • Our team does whatever is needed to execute the plan. This includes working on weekends, during holidays and in the middle of the night...whatever it takes!

  • We stand by the quality of our work.

Hedging & Shredding

Because of our advanced machinery (HD1100N dual boom, tandem rear axle, self-propelled narrow hedger/topper – ours is one of the very few sold in California), we can quickly and efficiently prune your tree crops for seasonal maintenance, and for other common reasons like removing diseased or storm-damaged branches. Shredding is a cost-effective way to eliminate unwanted or noxious trees and brush. Our equipment and technique allow for selective removal of specific trees and brush, while leaving the surrounding foliage unharmed.

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