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Our Trusted Harvest Services Partners

We offer a variety of equipment services that are managed and operated by our seasoned team members with many years of experience.

Available Equipment:

  • 25 orchard tractors
  • 16 foliar sprayers
  • 10 herbicide sprayers
  • 5 berm blowers
  • 5 flail mowers
  • 2 sanitation mowers
  • One (1) PERC machine for rodent control
  • 2 topper/hedgers
  • One (1) shredder
  • Water trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Forklifts



  • We vet our equipment manufacturers to ensure they are highly qualified and aim to work with only the best in the business.

  • Our team + our equipment are reliable.

  • West Hills team members receive monthly training provided by our safety and compliance consultant, Patty Cardoso, with Universal Ag Compliance.

  • We have a Pest Control Business license issued through the County Ag Commissioner’s office. This gives us the ability to provide spraying services in Fresno County and Madera County.

  • We use a variance speed flow device (Micro Trak) that makes the minor adjustments needed on a continuous basis to ensure team members are applying the exact rate per acre as instructed by the Pest Control Advisor (PCA).

  • We spend money on important and necessary parts to provide the highest quality service (i.e. changing out the blades on our topper/hedger on a regular basis to make sure we are making clean cuts).

  • Our equipment services are overseen by a regional supervisor along with our general manager who have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the field.

  • Our team does whatever is needed to execute the plan. This includes working on weekends, during holidays and in the middle of the night...whatever it takes!

  • We stand by the quality of our work.

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