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Our Mission

We are committed to the quality care of each orchard that directly affects our customer's bottom line.  We believe in transparency, responsibility, and reliability.

Quick facts about West Hills

We have 35 full-time employees to best manage your ag business and give you peace of mind and exceptional return on your investment.

West Hills Farm Services, Inc. has 25+ years of experience managing tree crops.

We manage 6,000 acres of almond and pistachio crops.

Key personnel







  • In the last five years we converted five diesel engines to electric motors on our farms to energy efficient pumps to reduce particulate matter as part of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) Emission Reduction Incentive Program (ERIP). We also participate in the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program of Fresno State to reduce energy costs. Last year we entered two of our farms into the Peak Energy Agricultural Rewards (PEAR) program endorsed by PG&E . Additionally, we participate in a USDA  Natural Resources Conservation Service plan to shred or chip almond prunings to reduce smoke particulates and improve air quality.  These are just a few of many initiatives we utilize to be green conscious.
  • If you’re interested in our custom farming services, or in having West Hills manage your ag-based business, don’t hesitate to contact us.